Unlucky because now anyone can shoot with their hot cure

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Unlucky because 2K21 MT now anyone can shoot with their hot cure. Friend of mine yesterday with his 6'6 PG Red/Green pie: unable to strike his wide open 3s, could hit on his mid if he's really wide open but difficult to hit semi contested mid.Today after the hot fix in park: 3/3 on the 3pt line, only one of them was a green (unable to green yesterday and he took like 5 or 6 3pts at a row on 2v2), could hit contested mid like it's nothing

And there's no changes between yesterday and today in regards to stats or badges, all are the same.Yeah. That is likely to be the problem. Assuming we receive the MyPlayer builder (they just said demo never confirmed exactly what it was going to be) that's going to the first thing I'm going to be anxious to check out.

They have 95s out the gate and it's fucking awful dude. And what good is content when the game plays like buttocks, which it really does. I pulled the 95 Bob Lanier and shit is not good at all.If that's your thing, and you like power creep like this, then sure. I, however, can't mess with myteam BECAUSE they do things such as drop 95s week galaxy and one opals by week .

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We do have a good number of legends, with more coming tomorrow. Supserstars has been unsatisfactory but there's an opportunity we get house rules to acquire a free one, and kickoff promo should be great this year.Heat check cards aren't valuable in any way, and madden has powerups for every elite in the game, and more in depth team building and strategy, along with 2k always having the very toxic online metà of all sports games.

The post was more of a point to show that 2k really pumps shit into their game. 2k releases promos on a weekly basis. Much like Heavyweights or Gamble, 10+ cards which could fit on everyone's team2k had those 10+ cards, madden had 33 team diamonds plus 64 team builders that are amazing and the best cards at their Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins positions. Then there's the 11 legends. Then there's the superstar mvps.