I could consider would be to RuneScape

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All make it a far better spot all around. If you've got a house with RS gold a mounted glory and change, bring home teletabs/runes and recharge pray there and then teleport to border to bank/restart trip. If not, use varrock teletabs/runes, lender at varrock east bank, and then recharge prayer in the change to the north. Input through the dungeon entry just over the"Mapped from Flippi273" box, and run south through the cavern then use the portal to get into the green dragon room. Make sure you use up all your prayer before you start using food in order to minimise the quantity of food you waste. There are also a couple of other spots you can use, such as the multiple spawns a bit south of the lava maze in 40 wildy, which will be always deserted, however filled with revenants and only accessible by the portal sites. However, the Varrock ones are most likely best for drags in the wilderness.

I want to complete the quest As a First Resort to get access to this spa pool in Oo'glog town that gives you infinite energy for a while but I need 48 hunter to do that pursuit. 1. I would like to utilize the infinite energy while runecrafting nature runes in abyss but what way is fastest to get back to Oo'glog town and soak myself in the pool? I can transfer my home to Brimhaven and I use Teleport to House tablets when runecrafting since there's a glory mounted in my property.

The fastest way I could consider would be to go beyond the home, walk to the docks, travel by boat to Oo'glog, get to the pool and finally teleport to Edgeville using a glory amulet. How much does it cost to travel by ship from Brimhaven into Oo'glog town? Is there any faster method of getting there? Salamanders are probably greatest for 48 hunter. Idk about the fastest way, I really don't use them much and I just catch the gnome gliders there...I suppose charter ship would be faster though, might try it.

Here is my food: Anchovy Pizza (Heals 18 finest food at F2P (don't say anything about kebabs cause they are not reliable)) I'm wanting 60 all around and prob all 66 so I could maintain the hiscores. I will also be utilizing strength pots all of the time to speed up training. And my cash pile is 3.1 mil if this needs saying. Combat is 73 if your wondering. But just how much exp can I expect one hour in my stats? If you'd like a 99 skill fast, and just because of the ability cape, get 99 fletching or cooking. They are the fastest skills to get. Fletching would price 4-5m if you don't market the bows you make. 99 cooking will cost a lot in the beginning but you should sell the fish you've cooked for the cash back. If you have time on your hands, get 99 wc. Good cash and also an impressive ability cape to have.

Things you might want to do: Animal Magnetism (Quest)- Gets you the"backpack" you mentioned. Assess the Quest Experience manual here on Sal's to find out which quests give great ranged experience. When you're good enough, you'll probably want to do the Ardougne Plague quests to get a Crystal Bow eventually. The Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon make good beginning targets (after you get a good enough level to kill them), and there's a lot of cover at the east part of the cave. Furthermore, at higher levels the Moss Giants close Ardougne are very popular, and old school runescape buy gold in even higher levels, the Fire Giants beneath Baxtorian Waterfall. All the Best!