Path of Exile: Heist you need to know

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If you turn on the PS4 at the end of September, you will find a 13.3 GB patch, which is the next expansion gate of the road of exile. This expansion is called: Path of Exile: Heist. Heist introduces a cool new mechanism that allows your heroes to steal valuable artifacts and obtain some powerful loot. By going to a new location and starting work. The Heist is a bigger job, with better rewards and greater risks. If you want to make your Heist more confident, you can POE Currency Buy to enhance your equipment strength.

As the name suggests, in Heist, players need to hire a team of skilled thieves to help them infiltrate protected facilities and "recycle" valuable POE currency. To take safety measures, you need to make a thoughtful decision, otherwise the alarm will sound and the guard will suddenly jam. Collecting artifacts will always trigger an alarm, and when this happens, players will need to go to the extraction point more than ever. If they cannot escape, they will lose everything they managed to steal.

Heist is another content update by Grinding Gear Games for Path of Exile. These updates introduce new mechanics and new items, and can change the way you play with a new character. Heist is very special, because you may reach a place where only new heist content is played and the rest of the game is ignored. Path of Exile respects players and provides players with risk/reward options, while allowing you to participate in the game the way you want. I like that very much.

Check out some gameplay from the trailer released a few weeks ago. Fortunately, if you like what you see, "Path of Exile" can be played for free, and there is no head and and two usually associated with the genre, and the price is definitely correct. As always, Buy POE Currency plays an important role in your game and is used to build powerful weapons. Heist is one of Grinding Gear Games' most ambitious expansion ever.