Madden NFL 21 overhauls gameplay with real-life data

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In the past five years, every NFL player’s jersey has been equipped with an RFID chip to record his whereabouts and sports in every game. You may have seen half-time ads, showing how the alliance’s business partners use this data to form advanced analytics and intriguing predictive models. Of course, if you want to have more powerful players, you can buy Madden 21 Coins now.

These numbers have entered the league's video games. "Madden NFL 21" will be launched on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on December 4th. It will combine tracking of player movement, acceleration, deceleration, and direction changes to provide developers with a pledge of a more realistic American football game content.

As a receiver, Hill can be expected to travel the route with more realistic acceleration and deceleration. His felling speed will slow down, and his running depth will not be uniform before felling, which means that the quarterback must pay more attention to the position of him and other receivers before throwing. Hill and other recipients will exit the end of the route more naturally, and if they complete the route while the script is still alive, instead of staying in place, they will return to the script.

Graddy, to Polygon, said that overall the real-movement effect slows Madden NFL 21 down, but in such a way that players have more time to make decisions, such as in finding a hole in the line with a running back. Oldenburg said it works on defense, too. “The pacing of the passing game is going to allow user defenders a little more time to land their pass rush moves and get home to the quarterback,” he said.

The use of all these player data means that EA Sports insists that its flagship product will perform better on the new console, not just look better. Grady said that the developers of EA Tiburon have used NFL data for about two years of research, and he believes that the overhaul of this technology will require additional new generation machine processing capabilities to be put into practice. However, these features are only available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Madden NFL 21, and not for the Windows PC version. Finally, regardless of whether you are a player of any version, you can buy MUT 21 Coins suitable for you at GameMS.