Madden NFL 21 Improves Gameplay with NFL Next-Gen Stats on PS5

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EA Sports finally detailed the Madden NFL 21 of PlayStation 5, whose title function is the integration of NFL Next-Gen Stats. In the past five seasons, you may have heard about it while watching NFL broadcasts. For people who don’t know each player’s footsteps, apart from protecting Aaron Donald, there are many other things – there are RFID chips under each jersey. In order to simplify a very complex technological innovation story, they will track the actions of each athlete in each game to help inform performance and create more detailed analysis. For players, Buy MUT 21 Coins can help them get more exciting athletes.

Now, these data have been put into the next generation version of EA Sports' flagship football game. The idea is that every player should behave more realistically, because it no longer relies solely on artificial intelligence and random statistics; Michael Thomas’ ability to create breakups or Khalil Mack’s four The devastating attack of the shooting guard will now be informed using real-world statistics. Each player will behave like his opponent in real life.

Connor Dougan said: "The acceleration, speed and turning speed of the ball carrier are now driven by next-generation statistics and brand new animations. In the PS4 version, you can see the way Tyreek Hill changes direction and rotation non-artificially while running. , No tilt or momentum. He has the proper slimness and motivation when playing on the new console."

This means that the game is much slower overall-but it is crucial to be more realistic. This can bring many benefits: Now, you will have time to choose your location and run into a loophole, which earlier versions of the series could not provide. And if you run with an elite player like Nick Chubb or Christian McCaffrey, you will feel different on the court when you get into trouble.

Other improvements brought by PS5 games include the ability to mark bookmarks for playback and the ability to filter by player. For example, if you want a star catcher to catch the ball, then you can choose from games designed specifically for him. Of course, with improved lighting and more detailed sideline activities, everything will look better. If you want to form a perfect ultimate team, please visit GameMS to Buy MUT Coins.