Madden 21 Next Gen Updates Includes Tweaked Playcalling

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The next-generation update of Madden 21 will be more than just better graphics. According to Electronic Arts, the version that users play on Xbox Series X and Series S or PlayStation 5 has new features that can only be used on new game consoles. If you are also a Madden 21 player, then you can purchase Madden 21 Coins to enhance your game.

Speaking to Polygon, Madden 21 executive producer Sean Graddy said that the game finally makes full use of the analytical data the NFL has been collecting for the past five years. The data comes from the RFID chip in the player's uniform, which can monitor the whereabouts and movement of each game in each game. Now, acceleration, deceleration and direction changes will be merged into the next generation version of Madden 21.

Grady said that analytical data will be most common on the defensive end, but you will also make changes in decision making when you execute the "pass" option or when you rush to attack at halftime or at the end of the game. Connor Dougan, the game’s creative director, said the data will also change the animation to make everything look more realistic. He pointed out that people like the Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreke Hill changed the direction of the PS4 and Xbox One versions. The way he avoided tackles seemed inhumane.

Dougan said that on the new console, when the player transitions, the user will see the appropriate tilt and momentum. Enhanced statistics and graphics are not the only major changes that EA plans for the next generation of Madden 21. The company said that the overall reform of the game script is the largest change since Madden 15. EA often requires players to use this feature to bookmark players. Double click to save your favorite script to the new tab page of the script. Games can be classified according to target players, which is said to be another feature that the entire community has repeatedly requested.

Madden 21 enhancements will only appear when they land on the Xbox series X series S and PS5 on December 4, and will not appear in the PC version of the game. Now whether you are a player of the latest version of the game or a player of the old version, you can buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins at GameMS.

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